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"Listening to the world" with Mary Oliver

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

"The Desk in the Corner" by Jonathan Rogers

"The Paradoxical Principles of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Philosophy of Creativity" by Asia Lenae

"Writing is Not a McDonalds Hamburger" by Natalie Goldberg

"Make the Whole Trip That Way" by Mathina Calliope

"Learning, Practice, and Repetition: Why the Act of Writing Is Work" by Jessie Greengrass

"B+ is just fine." by Anne Lamott

"Clear your decks" by Allison K Williams

"Jodi Picoult: You Can't Edit a Blank Page"

"Who Should John Mulaney Be Now?" by Jesse David Fox

Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah Recommends...

"Just do your work" by Elisa Gabbert

"The Bee's Knees" by Christine Kehl O'Hagan

How to Be Here by Rob Bell

Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Marie Rilke

"George Saunders on Uncertainty in Writing"

"On husbands, fathers and seeking approval" by Melissa Fraterrigo

"Start Writing, No Matter What" by Shaunta Grimes

"Why It's Good to Be Bad at Things You Enjoy, According to Kurt Vonnegut" by Sam Blum

"Pressing Flesh with Sam Lipsyte" by Giancarlo DiTrapano

"Judy Blume: Often Banned, But Widely Beloved"

"On Writing. (A bit long. Sorry.)" by Neil Gaiman

Emily Van Kley Recommends...

"Ray Bradbury on Facing Rejection ... and Being Inspired by Snoopy" by Maria Popova

Jericho Brown Small Truths and Other Surprises

“I wish you a sexy, dangerous, jazz-shaped immortality.“ Diane Seuss’s Advice for Life as a Writer

"Shit Into Gold: Jim Carroll's The Basketball Diaries and Forced Entries" by Cassie Carter

"Belief & Technique For Modern Prose" by Jack Kerouac


"Patti Smith Is Always Going to Be a Worker" by Jacob Uitti

"Not sure who needs to hear this but..." by Laura van den Bergi

"Three Questions for… Kim Addonizio"

"Fasten your seat belts, flight attendant-turned-novelist shares stories from the sky" Home